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02 November 2009

Stationery Magazine - My First Online Venture

I have been working towards launching an online magazine for the office supplies and stationery industry in Australia for the past 6 months. And finally today we have launched the Website.

Please do check out the site and post comments here on things we can improve on the website.

A bit about what the site is all about:


Stationery Magazine (, a new online publication that intends to cater to the Stationery and Office Supplies Industry in Australia, launches today.

One of the few (if not the very first) web sites to target the diverse and complex Office Supplies Industry in Australia, Stationery Magazine wants to become the definitive and most reliable source to which the Resellers can turn to for their various needs. They will be providing the Industry Players with the latest, relevant and exhaustive information about the different Products, Promotions, News & Events.

Stationery Magazine will be acting as a central hub where Suppliers, Resellers and anyone belonging to the Stationery and Office Supplies Industry can come together and interact with each other for finding solutions to their business-related problems, publish editorials for free as part of their promotional efforts and also place paid advertisements towards enhancing their Brand- building efforts .

All those who are interested in joining the Stationery Magazine community in order to enjoy the full benefits offered by the web site can do so, by registering at the site for Free.

For more information, visit


Fingers Crossed!! Lets see what it turns out to become :)