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27 March 2009

My Own Business - A Leap of Faith

It has been one long year since I have written anything in my blog. Lot of things have happened during my absence, the main thing being I quit my Job.

I worked for WC Penfolds for three full years. I was busy with work and was helping the business grow, however, it was getting a bit mundane towards the end of the third year and I was not learning anything new. I lost the motivation to be creative and to try new things out.

I must admit that the first two years with the company was really good in terms of what I learnt and what I could achieve. Once the trust was built, I was given free reins and was able to execute new ideas that worked towards making the overall business better (of course with the CEO's consent). However, by year three, I personally felt that I had hit a wall, reached the boundaries of the organisation (so to speak) and could not do anything more. I felt that it was time for me to make my next move...

I had two paths; the first one was to get an answer to the question, When will I be the CEO of the Company? and the second one was to start my own business.

With the first option, I wanted to have a set career path and a well defined timeline to become the CEO. When I realised that this goal would not eventuate within couple of years, I understood that it was time for me to do something else as it would be more or less status quo. I did not have time to sit around and wait.

The second option was something that was equally scary and exciting. I had a gut feeling that it is time to leave but doing it is the hardest part. I knew that I had a burning desire to start something on my own, but it is not everyone's cup of tea. Questions like
What if I fail?
Will I be motivated to put in the effort?
Will I have all the answers?
What if I cannot manage this?
Would I know what to do? etc... kept on spinning in my head. I thought long and hard about this decision. Talked to Nykaj and we decided that we will think about it during the holidays which was just a couple of weeks away.

We went to Bali on holidays in December. It was a great place and had lovely people. Somehow the trip gave me good clarity. I figured that my venture into the unknown is like going on a holiday to a new country. Unless I try it out myself, I will not know what's in store. We agreed that I should give myself one year to dabble around and experience the joys and pains of starting a business. The decision was final!!

We came back from the holidays and the first thing I did was to put in my resignation. Within a few days, I placed the necessary job adverts and assisted the company in finding two new guys to replace me. Trained them as much as I could and officially left the job early Feb.

I am really happy and excited about this new beginning! Guess time will tell how things would turn out! :) Fingers Crossed.

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