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14 April 2008

My Initiation into the World of Blogging

I never thought that Blogging is such a hard thing to do. Especially writing the first post! When I used to skim through multitude of blogs, I used to be a bit critical and mentally categorize each of the posts that I read.

After attempting to write just one post, I have experienced first hand the effort one has to undertake and the pain one has to go through to be creative. I guess experience teaches you a lot :).

All of this is new to me and it feels as though I am starting school at 30 but I want to experience first hand what others are gaining by writing blogs. The number of blogs seems to be increasing day by day so there must be something right about blogging!

My blog will be just a small drop in the ocean where I want to share my ideas and thoughts, my aspirations and anything under the sky that I find interesting. The sky is my Limit!

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