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09 June 2009

Our House - Progress so far

The framework of our house has been completed. For the past 3 weeks, I have been going on-site every day! It was really exciting to see the shape of the house evolving.

Timber framing the ground floor

Fixing up the front

Starting work on level one

Getting the roof done

Half way through the roofing

Final Touch up on the sides

Windows fitted

Frame work almost done

Being there, I just felt like all the hard work is starting to pay-off finally.

Next stage is brick-laying. Once they complete laying the bottom half of the house, the Scaffolding will go up. Waiting for that to happen!

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  1. ningal marathinte veedaano undakkunne ?

  2. Athe..Dhanush chodichapole, ith kaatath paari povulle?


  3. Dhanu & Nikhil - I believe wood is used in many of the constructions as it is more suited to the climate and readily available. The wooden structure is bolted to the foundation so that it does not get blown away ;-). The foundation is made of concrete and steel.

    If you notice the house behind ours, you will see bricks getting laid around the framework. That is the next stage of building.

    Priya, the planning takes longer. Excecution is really fast. We are told that we could get the keys in 3 months and we could move in by December. Time will only tell.

    Thanks Usha... and hope u r doing well...